GUIDECRAFT Cover – The Art Lesson

Guidecraft invited me to teach an art lesson and create the 2017 Catalogue cover design. It was a pleasure to teach and work with the children and staff on such a creative project and process.

I am available to teach workshops on creativity and process. Use the contact form to start a conversation about how we can collaborate on creative educational programs.


ART Festival – Installation

Reuse Bag Project for Arts Festival 2015.

Woven installation made from recycled plastic bags and discarded soccer nets, is an invitation to explore the potential of discarded objects to be turned into things of beauty. The recycled plastic bags were collected from the community and workshops were given to create this piece. The installation will serve as a visual metaphor for our environment, to raise awareness of the need to protect and preserve our natural resources.


Reuse Project for TREECYCLE 2017, created a tree sculptural installation with the community out of upcycled honeycomb cardboard.