NU Hotel: Sugar is Sweet 2018

NU Hotel: Sugar is Sweet 2018

Sugar is Sweet: A Valentine’s Art Pop-up for the Caribbean.
Hosted by the Ground Floor Gallery at the NU Hotel Brooklyn.

Opening February 13th 6-9pm

I am proud to have “My Funny Valentine”, 8 x 8 x 2″ (upcycled plastic) in this wonderful show to help support the hurricane relief fund. “My funny valentine, sweet comic Valentine. You make me smile with my heart”

“Each sale will help support hurricane relief efforts in Puerto Rico and St. John: two Caribbean-American territories that share a fraught history in the sugar industry and are oft synonymous with sunny escapes. The day-to-day reality doesn’t necessarily reflect that vision – especially now, mere months after Hurricanes Irma and Maria devastated these cherished islands”. Thank you Ground Floor Gallery, Krista Saunders Scenna and Jill Benson for curating this event and show. Thank you to NU Hotel for hosting the space.

NU Hotel is a boutique hotel in downtown Brooklyn, which draws inspiration from the creative energy of the borough’s thriving art scene and the urban dynamism that defines the neighborhood.