Art for Aleppo

Art for Aleppo

Art for Aleppo Postcard Project |

Proud to be a part of this Postcard Art Show in support of the Children of Aleppo |

In response to the overwhelming sentiments toward the horrific news and video surfacing around the atrocities in Aleppo, particularly in regard to the children affected, we would like to initialize an open call for artists from around the world to respond.

The intention of this call is to allow visual artists an outlet to express themselves around the Syrian crisis and to raise awareness and funds to aid in the effort to provide Syrian children emergency care, food and water.

As an artists ourselves and considering the reactions by other artists to this tragedy, we felt that this call to action might be a way to give voice to the community in order to raise awareness and hopefully have the potential to heal in some way. Additionally, any sales or donations will go toward the Save the Children Syrian Children’s Relief Fund.

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Art for Aleppo: about the book |

Fundraiser for Save the Children Syria, Aleppo – Art Action

Art postcards from international artists donated to raise funds and awareness about the atrocities going on in Aleppo. We included the artist’s name, location and website in the book. All proceeds from the sale of this book and the sale of the donated postcards go to Save the Children Syria.